Local day trip-Northeast Coast

Watch carefully and you will find there is another world down there!


About Northeast Coast:

Paradise of small creatures, the most interesting night dive environment.  Don't miss it if you love macro photography!


Dive Site Introduction:

Hemei primary school and Golden Sand Beach

Domestic Trip -

Green Island

Uncanny workmanship! It's so refreshing ~~~


About Green Island:

Rated as one of Taiwan's best quality dive sites, thorough visibility and a variety of creatures are absolutely memorable


Dive Site Introduction:

Shilang, Dabaisha

Domestic Trip- Shiao Liu Chuo

Sea turtle!  And Sea turtles everywhere!

About Little Shiao Liu Chuo:

In just 30 minutes ferry ride from mainland Taiwan, you can visit the hometown of sea turtles. Definitely, you don't want to miss this island's scenery and its u/w beauty. 


Dive Site Introduction:

Vase Rock, outside of Shanfu Fishing Port

Domestic Trip-Kenting

Variety, Keep your eyes on

About Kenting:

South end of Taiwan island,  full with coral reef environmental terrain, creating a variety of marine ecology


Dive Site Introduction:

Outlet, Wan Litong

Oversea trip-

Dumaguete, Philippines

It's one of the slowest-paced diving area in Asia

About Dumaguete :

Macro marine life can be found everywhere here. Apo Island has colorful corals and herds of friendly turtles. You can't resist their temptation.


Dive Site Introduction:

Dauin, Apo Island

Oversea trip-Sipadan, Malaysia

One of the seven most famous dive destinations in the world-must visit

About Sipadan:

A diving paradise loved by divers around the world! 

You can find the information about diving in Sipadan in the internet.  Just join our trip to witness it by yourself.   

Dive Site Introduction:

Sipadan Island, KAPALAI

Oversea Trip-

Anilao, Philippines

Heaven for macro photography


About Anilao:

For macro photography enthusiasts, Anilao is definitely a brilliant dive destination! There are countless for those small creatures underwater here.  You can make an order with your dive guides and they will find them out and let you shoot!

Dive Site Introduction:

There are too many to talk about ~~~

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