Emergency First Responder Instructor

Let more people bravely lend a helping hand in an emergency.

You will learn to teach others for CPR, first aid, and emergency judgment and response methods.

You will learn:

  • How to structure a learning system

  • Meet performance-based training requirements

  • The role of instructor in the teaching environment of CPR and first aid training

  • How to motivate students 

  • Assess student knowledge development and skills

  • Effective presentation of course content

  • Fine tune your skills demonstration

  • Effectively present learning experiences based on simulated events


  1. Min. 18 years old

  2. EFR trained within last 24 months


Course duration: 2 days (including written exam)

Class Location: Taiwan Dive Buddy

Cost: NT 15,000



  • The cost includes all the training supplies and instruction fees only.

  • Does not include: instructor materials, application fee, transportation, meals, accommodation and other personal expenses.

  • Course schedule can be arranged in coordination with our assigned trainer.

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